1.     Outdoor Fitness

Our Instructor lead outdoor fitness classes take place in a variety of fantastic locations. These classes are aimed at all age and fitness ability levels. You should expect body weight, tyre flipping, sandbag throwing and many more exercises that will challenge you in every way. Be prepared to work all areas of the body with our very cleverly designed and planned outdoor exercises.

If you like being outdoors, working in small groups and need that motivational push to succeed. These are the best in class fitness variety training sessions for you.


2.     Floodlit Training
We are in the process of negotiating an outdoor facility to ensure you can train with us in all weather conditions during the winter months.#luvthemud


3.     Indoor Fitness

We are currently looking at ideal premises in the following Counties: Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire.  Depending on demand and growth from our outdoor fitness programs we will open up fitness centres within all of these areas.


4.     Kettlebell Training

Learn the techniques of this traditional Turkish training method. The Kettlebell is a great exercise tool that can be used for multiple disciplines such as improving the aerobic energy system (cardio), joint mobility (flexibility) and muscular strength & endurance. Expect all body workouts during the classes and get to grips with the varied techniques of using the Kettlebell.


5.     Run England Club

The club is organised by our lead running expert and Run England Qualified Coach Clive Batchelor. Expect a variety of running techniques such as interval sprints, uphill/shuttle runs, cross country and group runs plus many more. This class is suitable for all running mixed abilities as the sessions are adaptable for each client’s needs.


6.     Personal Training

We have a selection of highly qualified and experienced personal trainers and coaches. Each trainer has their particular specialities in which they are qualified in. Expect to receive a start-up fitness test and goal setting session to help identify areas for improvement.  Please view our personal profiles to select and contact a trainer to help with achieving your individual fitness goals.


7.     Group Personal Training

If finding the price a barrier to achieving your agreed targets within realistic timescales.  Reduce your costs by recommending friend’s to train with you and still get the benefits of a personal training session.


8.     Corporate Training Events

Help to improve the health and well being of your workforce by providing weekly exercise sessions.  Our Personal Trainers and Coaches are here to help you gain the benefits and maximise your efficiency from your employees taking on a fitter healthier life style.


9.     Sport Specific Coaching

Our Coaches can design sessions to improve performance in any field of sporting activity that you are currently interested in participating in.


10.     Team Fitness Coaching

Our Coaches develop fitness sessions to improve team performance and stamina in a variety of team sporting activities.


11.     Sporting officials Fitness

Officials who officiate sporting events need to be at the best performance and Fitness too to make those all important decisions.  We are here to make sure they are at their best physical fitness to keep on top of their game.


12.     Fitness Weekend Venues and Events

Throughout the year planned fitness weekends and challenges to all current members of Batch Body Fitness.

Look out for more daily updates of what we can do for you!!

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